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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Phyathai 1 Hospital (, an internationally recognized hospital located in Bangkok, Thailand, was awarded Global Healthcare Accreditation’s Certification of Conformance with COVID-19 Guidelines for Medical Travel Programs.

Phyathai 1 Hospital leadership and staff along with GHA leadership (remotely) during call to confirm Certification decision
The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program for Medical Travel Services issued the COVID-19 Guidelines earlier this year to assist organizations in the medical and health tourism industries seeking to mitigate the risk of coronavirus infection for both domestic and international traveling patients and their companions. The guidelines are unique in that they focus on the entire care continuum, including interactions with the healthcare organization, hotel, and ground transportation.

Ms. Naowarat NAMTIAN, International Marketing Division Manager at Phyathai 1 Hospital stated, “At Phyathai 1 Hospital, we strive to provide the best outcome and best experience for every patient. Our services to the patient and their families are guided by compassion, communication and commitment. The team of Phyathai 1 Hospital is thankful to gain honor and privilege in participating in the GHA Certificate of Conformance with the COVID-19 Guidelines for Medical Travel Programs and the achievement demonstrates our commitment to continue providing and optimizing our quality healthcare services and quality behavior standards to our medical travelers. We thank GHA for the guidance and interest to share our common focus on the medical travel care continuum, we are sure that the GHA seal will entrust our medical travelers with our high standard of medical care and unparalleled services.”

The Certification of Conformance for hospitals and ambulatory centers is a three-year certification with annual reviews, which signals to medical travelers, referrers, and other payers that the organization has implemented the recommendations in the guidelines as a proactive risk mitigation strategy to ensure patient safety and well-being during and post-COVID-19. Embedded within the Certification process is an online training for staff to familiarize themselves with the Guidelines and Certification process.

According to Karen Timmons, Chief Executive Officer, Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA), “The COVID-19 Certification of Conformance demonstrates to patients, buyers and other key stakeholders that a medical travel program’s operational protocols, practices and procedures have undergone an external review and reflect international best practices designed to keep traveling patients safe. One of the key objectives of the Certification of Conformance is to enhance transparency and encourage ongoing communications with patients, which is even more important during this challenging time, and which ultimately helps to increase patient trust in the organization. We congratulate Phyathai 1 Hospital on achieving GHA’s Certification of Conformance and for its strong focus on patient safety and patient experience.”

The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) COVID-19 Program for Medical Travel Services Guidelines are free and the Certification of Conformance is a process that is accomplished virtually and within a relatively short period of time.

About GHA

Founded in 2016, the Global Healthcare Accreditation for Medical Travel Services is the only accrediting body focused solely on medical travel services. GHA’s international standards and professional norms for medical travel were developed in consultation with leading global experts in the industry, including providers, insurers and employers committed to establish best practices in medical tourism and health tourism, which support healthcare providers in validating quality and patient experience, increasing visibility, and implementing a sustainable business model for providers along the entire medical travel care continuum. GHA received ISQua’s International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA) accreditation in 2019.


About Phyathai 1 Hospital

Established in 1976, Phyathai 1 Hospital is among the first private hospitals in Thailand, a member of BDMS (Bangkok Dusit Medical Service Public Company Limited), and the largest hospital group in Thailand delivering world-class medical services and best-practice standards for quality patient care. The hospital provides tertiary medical treatments, comprehensive range of clinical specialties and subspecialties such as precision medicine for Cancer treatment, Neuro-surgery and Cardio-vascular., etc. Phyathai 1 Hospital is certified by The Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public organization), Thailand for meeting its required standards of safety and quality in healthcare. In addition, our International Relations Center helps ensure that distance and language are not obstacles to receiving world-class care of compassionate care.

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