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“Liver cancer” is not only the most disease which is being found in men and a second disease found in women. However, the disease development is very rapid. Patients who have liver cancer also have a chance of death which is around 3-6 months.

What causes liver cancer?

Liver cancer is caused by two ways first is directly occur in the liver and spreading from other organs due to cancer, including risk factors for causing liver cancer. Such as hepatitis B, liver fluke, various chemicals, some medicines, insecticides, fungal toxins, chemicals of fermented foods, alcohol, etc. Including malnutrition, low body immunity, genetic properties. And other factors in an environment. Which all are contributing factors of the disease.

If you have these symptoms .. should see a doctor.

Due to the first stage of the disease symptoms are usually unnoticed. But if you have anorexia and weight loss, including fullness and constipation or having fatigue together with low fever. Moreover, there is a pain on a right side of the costal margin. Including jaundice, large tummy and legs swelling.

The faster you find out … the better of treatment.

With a rapid condition of cancer … and a chance of death within a few months! Those who have risks for the disease are advised to consult a physician includes a regularly health checking for a cancer detection as follows.

  • Blood tests for alpha-fetoprotein levels. Which is a substance that liver cancer or liver cells produces.
  • Examine the liver using ultrasound with MRI, or contrast media injection.

Liver cancer treatment

  1. Surgery is the best way to kill the disease. But it can be used in patients whose lumps are not very large. And the liver function is at a good condition.
  2. Injection and blockage into the artery to nourish the cancer. Make the lump collapse (Chemoembolization)
  3. Injections, such as injecting an alcohol into a malignancies through the skin. Using in case of small tumors and a surgery cannot be provided to a patient.
  4. The use of chemical drugs only to relieve symptoms. On the other hands the disease cannot be cured.
  5. Illumination which is used to relieve the symptoms.
  6. Applying an integration method.


  1. Do not consume foods that contain fungus or being completely burned, including overnight foods. Because there may consist of fungus.
  2. Do not eat raw foods such as raw fish, koi fish, because it may cause liver fluke. Including fermented foods as fish, sour pork, etc., due to they contain nitrosamines which cause liver cancer.
  3. Should intake clean food with freshly cooking.
  4. Being vaccinated against hepatitis B virus. For people who are not yet infected by the disease and not having immunity.
  5. Receive an annual health care inspection.,/li>

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