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Laparoscopic Appendectomy Surgery for Fast Recovery

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Appendicitis seems to be a general disease most people are familiar with. Only receiving a surgery whenever symptoms occur is not the solution. The time is also matter since if they cannot receive a treatment in time, it can cause them a chance of death. Therefore, as soon as noticing or having stomachache by unknown causes, please promptly seek for proper diagnosis from a doctor. Moreover, a patient can observe the symptoms and compare them to a sign of the appendicitis, for that reason, these are the list of its severity and development.

Symptoms of appendicitis

In general, symptoms of the disease include a level of severity as follows:

  1. Abdominal pain, without knowing the exact areas of pain, this stage you are not allowed to take any type of painkillers, whereas it will make symptoms more difficult to be seen.
  2. Constant pain which may go up to 6 hours. The episodic pain can twist around the navel.
  3. The abdominal pain symptom is similar to diarrhea, low fever, nausea, vomiting and anorexia.
  4. The pain then will spread to the right lower abdomen. Some may have left lower abdominal pain depending on appendix direction and where it is ​​pointed; accordingly, when the appendix tip points its direction to the neck, back or ribs. The pain then will locate to that area.
  5. The pain occurs while moving, coughing or sneezing. Pressing on the stomach or the areas can cause patients more severe pain.
  6. Some may need to lay the body in bed and still a posture during the pain as it can spread and make the patients more suffering.

In case, when patients are on the way to see a doctor, the pain can be relieved by on side posture with the legs bent, at the same time forwarding your body while walking can be done as well. However, if the appendicitis starts to become severe, infection, pus with decomposition and penetration may occur after. Therefore, it is very important to receive the treatment in time before the expression of severe inflammation as there is a chance of the serious infections including complications.

Treat Appendicitis with Minimally Invasive Surgery: MIS

Laparoscopic Appendectomy Surgery is performed by small punctures in order to insert a camera and surgical instruments to the abdomen. The wound size is about 1-2 cm. During a procedure, a surgeon will show patients clear image of what is inside the body through a screen. However, a choice of having laparoscopic procedures depends on type of diseases, severity and risk, for that reason, assessing individual health status of patients is needed. Also, all diseases that occur in the abdominal cavity can be treated by the appendectomy surgery as well.


Why MIS is better than open surgery?

  • Have the size of the surgical wound at only 1-2 cm, while the open surgery gives you 12-20 cm.
  • Reduce injury to tissues and internal organs including pain and blood loss.
  • Reduce complications, which is safer than open abdominal surgery.
  • Rehabilitate the hospital for only for 1-2 days. In some cases, patients may return home immediately after surgery. This is faster than open surgery that takes patients to recover for weeks.
  • Benefit the physician in terms of clearly see the location of surgical site by a use of camera magnification. Surgery is on the spot, thus it helps reduce the impact on other organs.
  • Provide reduction of fascia in the abdominal cavity caused by open surgery.

What you should eat after appendectomy?

After appendectomy the patient may have fatigue. Food that is suitable for them should be easy to swallow, such as soup, juice, so that the digestive system can work less which will not affect the wound. The next day, it is able to change to concentrated tasty food to see the function of abdominal organs whether they can work normally or not, then follows with light meals that give the body less digesting, such as porridge with soft meat and vegetables. The food must be digestible, and cooked, while fruits must be ripe. Please avoid foods with strong taste as well as drinking tea, coffee and alcohols.

The appendicitis is easy to be treated, but what you must know is that whenever you have the abdominal pain , avoid taking painkillers in order to observe such symptoms. Moreover, extra benefit of the observation is useful for a doctor to find an exact spot of the pain including helping the doctor distinguish the type of it, according to all of benefits, they can contribute to more effective diagnosis as well as treatment process.

Dr.Hasun Muoohamad
General Surgeon

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