Clear Aligner

A clear aligner with removable tool in the form of clear plastic that gradually moves the teeth in the desired direction. It suitable for those who don’t want to see the braces.

Coronary Artery Calcium Score

is a test for plaque or calcium deposits on the walls of the arteries of the heart by using a high-speed and high-resolution computed tomography (CT Scan)


It’s a type of autoimmune disease with chronic inflammation of the joints throughout the body resulting in the destruction of the joints until they are unable to use normally.

hyperhidrosis cause and treatment

Sweating is one of the mechanisms for maintaining balance and helping our bodies reduce heat and cool down.

Drooping Eyeslid

Ptosis droopy eyelids or drooping eyelids is classified as a disease or abnormality of the eyelids which is in the same group as diseases of the tear ducts and orbits.

The sinuses (sinus)

The sinuses (sinus) are the four air-filled spaces around the nasal cavity called the Paranasal

Cause of Cancer and How to stop fear it

All you need to know about Cancer: Cause, How to prevent Cancer, how to do when i have cancer and much more!

What is Diabetes: Cause, Effect, and Treatment

What you need to know about diabetes – a high level of blood sugar that can lead to lots of complications.

Appendicitis: Diagnostic, Symptoms, and Treatment

All you need to know about appendicitis, unpredictable emergency sickness that needs to be dealt with properly.