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Oral health affects your life in ways that are often taken for granted. Your mouth can reflect the overall health of your body, showing signs of infection or disease before you experience other symptoms. It’s a commonly overlooked aspect of health management, but one that is crucial to your well-being.

Therefore, an excellent dental center is essential to your overall health. Phyathai 1 Dental Center can take care of your oral and dental services. We provide services from general, cosmetics, to specialized dental care. Our clinic is enhanced to its full potential by our efficient dentists who provide their expertise in full range.

Why Should You Have a Regular Dental Care?

Regular dental care visits are essential to maintain healthy gums and teeth and avoid other oral health problems. Poor dental health is also linked to several health problems, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease. Routine dental checkups are about total health care, not just your teeth.

When you visit our specialist, your gums and teeth will be examined. Some areas to be checked are receding or swelling in the gums, clicking sounds in the jawbone, and tooth decay. Our specialist may take x-rays to see if there are any problems with the jawbone or tooth roots.

Benefits of Visiting a Dental Center

  • Preserving Your Pearly Whites

White teeth can be a symbol of good dental health. Experienced dentists help preserve your white teeth with many services and advice.

  • Prevent Serious Health Complications

The complications from not going to see dentists can extend far beyond gingivitis. There’s a proven link between gum disease and heart disease, which can also indicate a risk of preterm childbirth in pregnant women. Additionally, almost all systemic diseases have an oral component. This includes oral cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease.

  • Improve Confidence and Positive Lifestyle

A lack of dental care can become visually apparent over time. Tooth decay and gum disease can lead to the yellowing of the teeth, loss of teeth, bad breath, and tooth damage. These cosmetic problems can impact your confidence and make you insecure about your appearance. Regular dental care can prevent much of this damage, and existing damage can usually be repaired.

Maintaining good dental hygiene is vital to living a positive, healthy life. Taking charge of your health can be very empowering and provides you with peace of mind. As with all medical treatment, preventative care can save you time, money, and stress.

  • Decrease Pain

Most dental maladies manifest with some form of oral pain. A toothache usually signals a problem or infection. Intense oral pain can lead to an inability to concentrate and severe headaches. If the source of the pain is an infection, it will only get worse, and the infection can lead to severe complications.

  • Improved oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is an important part of your overall hygiene. You often brush and floss regularly, but this does not connote better oral hygiene. Regular visits to a dentist will expose dental problems against better hygiene. The truth is; you cannot spot a cavity on your own, but a dentist can. 

You often think you have clean teeth because you brush and floss regularly. But a dentist might think otherwise due to certain hidden dental flaws. Due to this, a dentist might advise you to go for teeth cleaning or fill a cavity. Most times, you get specific advice on how to maintain better oral hygiene. Thus, all these results in improved oral hygiene.

Dentists are well-trained to help you maintain good oral and dental health. They offer professional and expert advice with the hope of achieving this. Regular dentist visits will result in expert advice to tackle that oral hygiene problem. In fact, most times, you only need a simple recommendation of either mouthwash or toothpaste. Your dentist will help you by giving his/her expert recommendations.

Why Phyathai 1?

Phyathai 1 Dental Center can attend to your oral and dental health needs with services from general cosmetics to specialized dental care. Our proficient team of dentists provides their expertise in a full range of oral care, dental prevention, treatment, and restoration, ensuring service quality and patient satisfaction for patients of all ages.

Our Services

  • Oral examination, consultation, and x-ray
  • Dental cleaning
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Filling
  • Treatment of gum diseases
  • Oral surgery
  • Root canal treatment
  • Orthodontics
  • Dental implant
  • Dentures
  • Teeth whitening/ Home bleaching tooth whitening
  • Vinyl
  • Jaw Surgery

Phyathai 1 aims to improve your dental wellness because we understand that dental health can tremendously affect your physical and psychological existence. We focus our effort on every service to achieve our goal: your dental well-being.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 8 PM

Saturday – Sunday and Public Holidays from 9 AM – 6 PM

Location: Building 2, 4th Floor

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 8 PM
Saturday – Sunday and Public Holidays from 9 AM – 6 PM


Building 2, 4th Floor


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