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Knee Surgery

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Knee replacement surgery prevalently drives patients and their relatives worried as apart from waiting for a result after the surgery, postoperative care requires to be more concern to make the patient cure faster along with preventing him or her from complications is also counted. For that reason, patient having correct understanding or knowledge in self-care after surgery is a must as it helps reduce anxiety in themselves and prevents them from the complications as more effectively. If every step is made properly according to physician instructions and multidisciplinary team, the patient then would be cured and be able to return back to normal life quicker.

What is Artificial Knee Surgery?

For Knee Replacement Procedure, doctor will take out deteriorated cartilage then replace with the artificial one. During a procedure, a surgeon will adjust its size to fit with the patient’s knee joint matches with the angle of the boone. After that, blending both joint skins together using specific medical implantation Materials.

Treatment After The Surgery

Health care after operation requires medical advice and strict following to prevent the complication so that the patients can be able to recover quicker and return to their normal life.

First 24 Hours after Surgery

The patients still hold surgical drain, foley catheter and saline infusion tube. Nurse will monitor blood pressure and pulse every 1-2 hours and will put a pillow to support the operated legs and raise up the toes in position higher than the heart which can reduce swelling. In order to stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling of the toes, patients will be trained to move their toes up and down . In addition, if the patient does not have nausea or vomiting, soft diet food and drinking water will be served to them.

  • Day 1 after Surgery: Cold compress to reduce swelling will be provided. Physical therapists helps patients train leg muscles by teaching them how to practice stretching the legs. Those whose condition remain normal the doctors will train them how to walk and stand using walker.
  • Day 2 after Surgery: Knee moving training will continuously be made such as stretching legs and knee but while sleeping cold compress and raising up legs in high position still require to reduce the swelling. If patient can walk well, using toilet train will also be served. Moreover, after learning how to practice using the toilet when patients learn to do it well the catheter then will be removed to refrain a chance of infection then the doctor will permit to remove the blood or surgical drain afterward. Furthermore, later if the patients are able to drink and eat normally without having nausea or vomiting the saline infusion tube then will be taken off.
  • Day 3 after Surgery: After done training in a room . Physical therapists then will help training patients by letting them walk up and down stairs.
  • Day 4 after Surgery: This is a warp-up session of all walks, training exercise that they can do it at home during rehabilitation will be demonstrated. Patients will be able to bathe themselves using waterproof plaster to protect surgical wound from getting wet. However, after the patient walks with waking support well and there is no complications effect. Doctors then will allow them to return home.

Causes and Symptoms of Postoperative Knee Replacement Surgery That might Occur

  • Infections of surgical wound could happen on account of the artificial knee which is considered as foreign matter of the body plus, immune system might not be able to reach in that area. Despite the infection, receiving well-treatment by doctor can protect bad symptoms.
  • The blockage of capillaries in the lung caused by thrombosis in the vein during surgery or fat released into the bloodstream then obstructed in the lung as a result of it abnormal breathing then occurs.
  • Knee stiff can occur for that reason, patients are unable to bend or stretch their knees fully.
  • Fractures that occurs near the knee. Most happen due to accident such as sliding down on the floor.

The knee joint may be loose or deteriorated prior to its time. That may cause many complications doctors and multidisciplinary team require ton hand in hand to prevent patients from such a situation and to provide timely procedure.

Which Symptoms are Abnormal

Although most surgical procedures are achieved and less likely to develop complications or infections. However,patients still need to be aware of disorder symptoms such as uncomfortable feeling and fever or feeling pain only in the surgical area.

When symptom of knee pain occurs more frequently especially while moving that might derive from inflammation of both knee and its tissue. In addition, fever also be one of infectional effects. According to that, the solution is preparing means as soon as the symptoms found please immediately inform your doctor for timely treatment.

Treatment for Complications

If the patient has abnormalities after surgery. The doctor will diagnose and select the treatment as follows:

The doctor will diagnose when the results of the blood test, X-ray and effusion of joint from laboratory said there is infection. On the contrary, if the effusion is stable and free from infection doctor then would be able to cut and open the knee joint to sterilize and clean the area then provide antibiotic after.

Nevertheless, if there is infection also the artificial knee becomes loose and moved from its position . Surgeon then needs to open the area to clean up the wound and sterilize it which prevent the area from contamination by infectious stimuli moreover, cutting out the tissue and taking off the artificial knee fully will be done after. Next, the doctor will replace the area back with Antibiotic Cement Spacer then give the antibiotic and wait until the patient healed completely in order to replace the artificial knee back to its position afterward.

At present, the innovation of artificial knee surgery has been developing continuously. Thus, surgery now is more effective. The old belief that said knee surgery will never make you walk normal again is totally inaccurate and there is no complication effect after the procedure as patients will not suffer from the pain and cure fast. However, after the surgery, patients and their caregivers require to follow the advice of physicians and physiotherapists strictly in order that the knee can work well again and their conditions can be cured shortly.

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