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What is Clear Aligner?

A clear aligner with removable tool in the form of clear plastic that gradually moves the teeth in the desired direction. It suitable for those who don’t want to see the braces.

Benefit of Clear Aligner

  • Teeth look natural.
  • Braces are invisible.
  • There is no steel brace to pierce the mouth and cheek, thus reducing the danger.
  • Easy to take off and put on so it’s convenient when eating. Or when you want to clean your teeth, reduce the chances of tooth decay, gingivitis and bad breath as well.
  • The price is lower than “Invisalign” clear braces but has the same efficiency and quality.


How Clear Aligner work?

The dentist will design and prepare a treatment plan by scanning the 3D dimensions of the patient’s teeth into the software and designing the new tooth arrangement taking into account aesthetics and good clinical characteristics such as occlusion, arching or opening of the mouth compared to with the face.

After that, the dentist will produce clear aligner tools for the patient. The tool will move the tooth to the planned position. The clear aligner must be replaced every 2-3 weeks as part of the treatment process.

Clear Aligner equipment

Each set of equipment will have 3 pairs, which are soft, medium and hard. The patient will wear soft for 1 week, medium for 1 week and hard for 1 week, then take a mouth scan to do the next set. The number of sessions depends on the complexity of the treatment or until the patient is satisfied. When braces are finished, the last piece of clear aligner can be inserted to serve as a clear retainer for maintaining teeth to be effective in use.

Digital clear aligner

Digital clear aligner can take a print of the mouth to scan the model of the teeth while move the teeth in a computer program can do up to 4 sets of clear aligner pieces, there is no need to do a mouth impression every month. After using 4 sets, if patient want to move teeth, then do one mouth scan and do another 4 sets.

Comparison between clear braces and metal braces

Clear Aligner

Metal Braces

Brace invisible Brace visible
Removable while brushing teeth or eating Food often stuck, Not removable
Less pain took short time Took long time
Using Digital Dentistry technology Can cause mouth ulcers from the iron sticking to the cheek
Price not different from Metal Braces Not expensive
There are specialized dentists who have direct orthodontic expertise ready to take care throughout the treatment and Personal Assistance. Treatment consider good quality
The tool can be designed to fit the teeth with high efficiency.
Beautiful smile, good looking, maintain a great personality all the time.


Who is clear aligner suitable for?

  • People who want to have a beautiful smile, such as celebrities, actors, MCs or general people
  • people who have to meet people often
  • People who work in agencies that have regulations or prohibitions on fixed orthodontics, such as doctors, lawyers, businessmen, flight attendants.


Preparation before clear aligner orthodontics
1.During the first 2-3 days that patient starts wearing braces. Patient will feel stiffness and pain. A simple meal without chewing, such as yogurt, fruit smoothies, porridge, boiled rice should be prepare. Painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen are recommended if there are any pains.

2. Plan a holiday or leave in advance during the first 2-3 days after orthodontic treatment. Because the pain may make patient unable to concentrate on work. And eating less can make you tired. Therefore, avoid heavy exercise for 1-2 weeks.

3. Reschedule or postpone important tasks. Because the muscles and body may not be used to it yet. Causing problems with pronunciation, especially the S and H. Postpone the meeting for 1-2 weeks would be recommended.


Treatment after clear aligner orthodontics

  1. Braces should be worn for 20-22 hours a day, it is recommended to remove them only when eating.
  2. Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day after meals including flossing before bed. It is very important to clean aligner every time you brush your teeth. Bacteria and plaque can also form on clear aligner. By choosing a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste that does not contain abrasive powder. Brush both inside and outside and rinse thoroughly with clear water.
  3. Do not place the Clear aligner in extreme temperatures. Therefore should avoid food or beverages that are very hot. Do not place the retainer in a car that is exposed to the sun during the day. Because it may cause the Clear aligner to easily deform.
  4. Always carry the Clear aligner container in the box. In everyday life it is necessary to remove the Clear aligner at lunch. Many patients may accidentally put the Clear aligner in their bag, risking breakage. It is recommending carrying aligner container with you.
  5. Come to see the dentist by appointment every 2-3 months. The dentist may make an appointment for the patient to come in to monitor the treatment periodically. Because the movement of the teeth may not go according to the treatment plan from many factors. If there is a problem, the treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly.


Limitation of Clear Aligner


  1. Complexity and severity of teeth Alignment Clear aligner can correct crowded teeth, spaced teeth, as well as abnormal bites such as deep bites, open bites, or cross bites. But if there is a very complex tooth position had to have several teeth extracted or have a very abnormal bite. Dentist may recommend metal braces that are more suitable for abnormal bite case.


  1. Suitable for patients aged 13 years and over because the teeth and bones of the young patients are still growing and more suitable for metal braces.


  1. Cooperation of patients if the patient likes to forget to wear clear aligner. Fixed orthodontics such as metal braces Or the Damon type would be a better and more appropriate choice.

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