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The bile duct is one of internal organs which a few people may pay attention to it. In fact, this organ can cause “Cholangiocarcinoma” according to our living habits! If you have these symptoms then you should see a doctor for a diagnosis. Before this cancer cell spreads and makes it hard to cure. Also, destroy your good quality of life !!

What is bile duct cancer?

It is caused by a malignant tumor which occurs in the bile duct outside the liver. Including an area of the porta hepatic to a low-end part of the large bile duct. Accordingly, the bile duct cancer is divided from a location of tumor. For example, the bile duct cancer inside the liver and the bile duct cancer outside the liver. However, the disease can be found in men whose ages are over 40.

Causes of Cholangiocarcinoma or bile duct cancer

  • A chronic cholangitis disease: On account of a disease which is associated with cholangiocarcinoma. Mostly causes a chronic cholangitis afterward.
  • Gallstones: For 20% – 57% of patients with bile duct cancer. Being found that there is gallstones involved as a symptom.
  • A bile duct unusual shape or bile duct dilatation by birth: There is a cysts within the bile duct. That may cause pancreas and bile ducts an abnormal circulation. Some fluid from the pancreas will flow back into the bile duct. Causing changes in the epithelium of the bile duct. And that is a major cause of cancer cell.
  • Chinese liver fluke: This is caused by having raw fish which causes the liver fluke disease including an infection of the bile duct, a bile congestion and bile duct dilatation. Increasing chances of cholangiocarcinoma.

5 Symptoms Of Cholangiocarcinoma

  1. Jaundice caused by the bile duct obstruction.
  2. Stomach pain after eating, including xiphoid process pain or back pain. These are symptoms of cancer spreading to the nerve
  3. Having fever due to cancerous tumor obstruction in the bile duct. Causing an inflammation and make patients sick.
  4. Feeling itchy on the skin all over the body
  5. Other symptoms such as anorexia, fatigue, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, etc.

How to Diagnose the Cholangiocarcinoma

  1. Laboratory tests: To detect a liver function
  2. Ultrasound for the liver and upper abdominal cavity
  3. X-ray by CT scan or MRI + MRCP to demonstrate an expansion of the bile duct, location and extent of biliary obstruction. Including precisely showing an anatomy of the bile duct and tumor.
  4. ERCP: To understand the entire condition of the biliary tract, including being able to directly store the bile and cells which the disease has been produced


A doctor will consider factors such as tumor size, location, an appearance of the cancer cells, stage and distribution including health. According to the consideration, it is to make an appropriate treatment plan for each patient. However, ways of treatment are as follows.

  1. A tumor surgery is the best way for a standard treatment which can increase a living chance of the patient.
  2. Biliary drainage surgery. For patients who expect to undergo a main surgery, but due to a stage of symptom causes patients not to receive an operation. Accordingly, biliary drainage surgery should be provided instead, which prevents them from itching and jaundice.
  3. Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) this is used when the tumor cannot be removed or the patients are unable to undergo a surgery.
  4. Chemotherapy / Radiation Therapy. Providing in case of cancerous tumors are not completely removed. Or postoperative treatment to increase chances of cure.

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