When it comes to youth, it’s something that every people care about. Who would like to be old? Everyone wants to be beautiful against the increasing ages. Nowadays, people have many concerns for aging problems. Today, we’re going to talk the anti-aging specialist Dr. Thisara Wirasamai, an obstetrician and anti-aging specialist (American Board of Anti-aging Medicine) at Phyathai 1 Hospital.

When it comes to anti-aging medicine treatment, patients often expect and think of results that make them younger, decelerate aging, flawless, firm and wrinkle-free skin. But in reality the doctor expected more, because of the theory of aging and deterioration, it can happen to every system of the body not just skin. The human body can work efficiently by controlling secretions called “hormones”.

Normally, hormones begin to decline when reaching the age of 35 and changes occur in the body. We will easily get tired, exhausted, difficult to sleep, and the most obvious symptoms is wrinkling of the skin, easy to get fat accumulation as well. Not only youth Hormonal changes, but also related to various systems in the body, causing other deterioration that we cannot imagine.

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