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Phyathai 1 provides the first and finest anti-aging medicine center by private hospitals. We believe that “anti-Aging” leads to a “happy life”. Our anti-aging center aims to improve your quality of life forever. Our experienced team brings you the latest and safest technologies for anti-aging and beauty. Moreover, we provide personalized treatment options which fulfill each patient’s needs.

Causes Of Aging

  • Individual Lifestyle

The human body functions like a machine. When the body is used or overworked continuously for an extended period, our body will deteriorate, like a machine with less performance. Eating and drinking habits are equally as crucial to our aging process as sleep rhythm, smoking, or occupational and private stress.

  • Hormone Depletion

The human body produces more than 50 different hormones to help systematically enhance the body’s processes. As we age, hormones are produced less with increasing age as well. In addition, eating food each day is not suitable for nutrition. It will result in the body’s lack of essential vitamins and minerals, affecting the production of hormones. These are all causes of aging as well.

  • Genes

Genetics, or genes, are another critical factor determining the aging process, such as the genetics of white hair or prematurely gray hair. Therefore, aging is also a result of the parent’s genes.

  • Free Radicals

Free radicals are caused by both internal factors from the work of the body and external factors from our food intake and toxic pollution. The free radicals damage and impair our cells’ ability to repair themselves, leading to diminished resilience and cell functionality. As a result, our body is weakened as more free radicals are produced.

How Does Aging Affect Our Health?

At the age of thirty-five, our bodies naturally begin producing less hormones. For men, this means lower testosterone production and a greater likelihood of weight gain across the midsection, lower energy levels, dramatic mood swings, and significantly diminished libidos. Women can experience vaginal dryness, weakening of the pubococcygeus muscle, elevated risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, hot flashes, night sweats, and more. 

If not adequately mitigated, these changes can result in bone density loss, a sluggish metabolism, a general breakdown in the skin’s structural integrity, and a host of other noticeable physiological and physical changes, from dry and fragile skin to changes in weight. Much can happen to the human body, making growing older an uncomfortable experience. 

What is Anti-Aging Treatment?

Anti-aging is a treatment to delay or stop the aging process. Nowadays, holistic anti-aging science is a safe and highly effective strategy for slowing and even off-setting those undesirable developments so that everyone can regain both their external and internal health.

Why Phyathai 1?

At Phyathai 1 Anti-Aging Center, our center consists of the MDT Anti-Aging Team  (Multidisciplinary Team), aiming at in-depth diagnosis of genetic code levels, detecting hormones antioxidants and vitamins, then evaluating results with the medical team and planning lifestyle in the form of anti-aging solutions.

We organize an anti-aging program according to individual conditions because we understand that every human body is different. This “Personalized design” will slow down deterioration, solve the problem of deterioration of both skin and hair, and prevent diseases such as cancer. The conclusion will be set by a health examination plan according to the risk of genes, nutrition, and exercise suitable for genes.

Moreover, our goal is to solve hormonal and antioxidants disorders problem by changing the rest style, diet and exercise, including sourcing hormonal nutrients and vitamin supplements that are customized for individual formulas (Personalized Hormone & Supplements), and meet the standards of World Class American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine & Hormone selected by the specialist.

This selection improves the treatment effectiveness and makes us distinguished from others. With the experience and potential of the highest specialist In our medical team, Phyathai 1 Anti-Aging team is ready to take care and plan for treatment in a close-up and make the treatment accessible for everyone. We increase the quality of life from inside to outside, in the form of MDT Anti-Aging combined with innovative medical equipment, as well as to facilitate clients with the special lounge called Platinum Lounge Anti-Aging.

Our experienced team brings you the latest and safest technologies for anti-aging and beauty. Moreover, provides personalized treatment options which fulfill each patient’s needs.

Our Services

  • Evaluate vitamin level, cancer precursor substance, vascular and cardiac risk, and antioxidants level.
  • Evaluate hormone abnormalities
  • Genetic disorder testing
  • Drug response testing
  • Complication risk testing
  • Nutrition Management
  • Weight Management
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Hair loss and scalp diseases
  • Skin treatments

These services are part of the Personalized Design Anti-Aging Program that Phyathai 1 professional doctors offer to patients. We are enthusiastic about preventing your health from any unpleasant symptoms and developing your health for a better way of life. 

Hours of Operation: Every day from 8 AM – 5 PM

Location: Building 2, 1st Floor

Hours of Operation

Every day from 8 AM – 5 PM


Building 2, 1st Floor


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