Happy Life Center

Anti-Aging and

Our Anti-Aging and Happy Life Center have highly experienced doctors who specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine and Hormone including various fields such as Dermatology, Hair Loss and Scalp Disorders, Cosmetic surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our center also offers a wide range of services such as vitamins/ minerals and hormone tests which specify what each patient is lacking precisely, body composition analysis, genetic testing, nutrition advice, controlled diet and right amount of calorie intake courses.

Our experienced team brings you the latest and safest technologies for anti-aging and beauty. Moreover, provides personalized treatment options which fulfill each patient’s needs.

Clinics & Services

  • Evaluate vitamin level, cancer precursor substance,  vascular and cardiac risk, and antioxidants level.
  • Evaluate hormone abnormalities
  • Genetic disorder testing
  • Drug response testing
  • Complication risk testing
  • Nutrition Management
  • Weight Management
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Hair loss and scalp diseases
  • Skin treatments

Hours of Operation

Every day from 8 AM – 5 PM


Building 2, 1st Floor


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