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It is one well-known disease among pediatrician and psychologist according to static said more than 5-10% of children populace or simply explained that one student from one class is found having ADHD. Most of them were boys, the ADHD in boys is four times of girls.

The Beginning of ADHD

According to what medical profession said, the ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is the disease caused by Prefrontal cortex , the brain chemical works as ward that operates behaviours, meditation, attention, planing, restraint, critical thinking and decision making. Some abnormalities derived from the chemical it might affect daily life for example children can be hyper, loss of concentration,restlessness, forgetfulness and many more if patient are left being untreated.

Observed Symptoms

ADHD may not be as harmful as any other disease, but most of symptoms are shown through behaviours: Hyperactivity,Impulsivity and Inattention. The diagnosis from DSM-IV-TR set presupposition about the symptoms that children with ADHD would express mentioned behaviors within 6 months. Those can impact on their regular lifestyle and become irrelevant to their development.

6 symptoms of ADHD

  • No attention and concentration to details of things around including work
  • Being unable to concentrate on work or even playing with friends
  • Do not pay attention to people while talking
  • Being unable to follow orders and cannot finish their work which is not affected by any resistance from behaviours
  • Being unable to organize things such as symptoms or work
  • Avoid doing something that requires effort, such as homework
  • Easy to forget things
  • Being overactive
  • Forgetting what to do in everyday
  • Being naughty
  • Being hyper and cannot sit still
  • Love getting out of their seat during class
  • Love climbing
  • Cannot be quiet during activities
  • Keep moving all the time
  • Being talkative
  • Cannot concentrate when someone speaks and love to speak up without waiting.
  • Having no patient
  • Interrupt people while they are talking or during some particular activities

However, such symptoms always happen before they turn 7 which most of them occur daily affecting their study, work, and socialising. These are not considered as parts of mental illness or some disorder diseases in children.

Another Factor

Apart from chemical disorders there are also other factors associated with the ADHD, such as gene, environment, lead, or smoking behavior during pregnancy including preterm labor and other complications.

Impact from Learning

When this disease impacts on the children it causes problems in their study and loss concentration to learn things. The kids might have low grade while their ability to learn things are better than that.

Everything is Possible

There are two types of treatment, first is adjusting the chemical in the brain.This method works by 70% and the other one is a behavioral modification focusing on positive thinking which require the kids to constantly trained based on their age. They have to practice their self-management skills by following the plan, time and emotion to be able to socialize with others. This concept goes along with medicine no matter what type of the treatment is, family and doctor require consulting and corporating between each others.

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